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Tucson Street Fair

The Largest Tucson Street Fairs are held in the heart of Tucson's 4th avenue district two times a year and are most commonly called "the Fourth Avenue Street Fair." The Tucson Street Fairs are held in the spring and in the winter. The Tucson Street Fairs are held in mid December and March. For more information on dates for the Tucson Street Fairs, please visit our Tucson 4th Home Page . The Tucson Street Fairs are free to the public and takes place between Ninth Street and University Blvd. along Fourth Avenue. Sponsored and promoted by The Fourth Avenue Merchants Association or FAMA, the Tucson Street Fairs bring together over 400 arts and crafts booths, 35 food vendors, 4 stages, street musicians, food, jugglers, street performers, kids entertainment, face painting, balloons, and tons of other fun activities, all packed into three days of celebration.

The Fourth Avenue Street Fair began in 1970 when Fourth Avenue merchants put tables in front of their stores to attract customers before the holidays. Fourth Avenue has some of the funky look of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District. 25 years ago, the Fourth Avenue area was a bit of a hippie haven, sporting head shops and smoky bars. Today, the bars have been cleaned up and the head shops have evaporated. Now the neighborhood is best known for the Fourth Avenue Street Fair, a three-day event held each spring and winter. The fair attracts street performers, food vendors, social activism groups, craft makers and artisans of all types.

From that humble beginning the Tucson Street Fairs have now developed into one of the premier street fairs in the nation, drawing crowds of 200,000 to 350,000 and ranking as one of the top visual arts fairs in the country. There is something for everyone at the Tucson Street Fairs. Arrive for the shopping with 400 booths featuring arts and crafts that cover the spectrum from fine art to country crafts. Glass, clay, wood, clothing, metal, jewelry, pre-packaged food, all hand made and on sale by the artist/craftsperson. Arrive for the 30 food vendors selling an assortment of good things to eat. Greek, Mexican, Thai, BBQ, fry bread, funnel cakes, chicken, and more. Arrive for the music with 3-4 stages with something for everyone! Arrive for the entertainment with kid's areas; flight simulators; climbing rocks; face painting; chair massages; everything and anything you can imagine! The two annual Tucson Street Fairs are the city's biggest events of the year, don't miss it! If you are unsure on how to arrive to the Tucson Street Fairs on 4th avenue, please visit yahoo's Tucson Street Maps for more information.

Are you're looking for a vendor booth for the Tucson Street Fairs? If you have a service or product to sell at the Tucson Street Fairs and would like more information on our booth rental and availability, please visit our booth rental page at

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